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MT Shorts Releases Debut Film

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In addition to being a performer, I launched a new media platform and made my Producing Debut!

I, alongside Co-Producer/Creator Greg Kamp, made MT Shorts! MT Shorts is a creative platform where musical theatre and short film meet, with a mission to bring the voices of an emerging generation of composers to screen. Greg and I work with new composers to fuse together their original mini musicals with fully realized video production to create MT SHORTS, which gives them a calling card for their work to be seen by anyone wherever, whenever through short form content.

We released our first MT Short, "Hey, Beautiful!", a SAG film with a cast of 35 and crew of 23, at a huge launch party/concert featuring selections from the songbook of the writers of "Hey Beautiful!" at the end of Sept and are in development for our second! You can watch "Hey Beautiful!" and learn more about us and our mission at and see performance clips from our Launch Party on our YouTube Channel. Follow our adventures on INSTA: @mt_shorts

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