"Sarah Ellis, as Laurey, provides one of the biggest "earthquake moments," by serving as "Dancing Laurey" too, in the seminal nightmare ballet...having her perform in the ballet herself lends emotional weight to both her character and the show."

"I’ve never seen a Curly and Laurey with better chemistry..every time [Price and Ellis] are one stage together, it’s electric, and every scene they have together is believable, crackling with emotional energy and attraction..."

"Ellis brings a bit of modernization to the role with her acting, which, while staying true to the character, portrays Laurey as anything but an isolated woman with too few choices."

"Ellis is a somewhat more deadpan sarcastic Laurey and her more reflective moments are credible as well...the dream ballet...puts the focus on Laurey even more so...it’s an especially memorable, expertly danced moment."

GHOST, The Musical

"Sarah Ellis beautifully portrays Molly. She captures her likeable sweet persona and her voice soars effortlessly in her musical numbers. Three Little WordsWith You and Nothing Stops Another Day are her standout moments. Her acting is consistently spot on."

"In roles made iconic by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, Carley and Ellis are more than their smoochy chemistry, too. Their affable presence and soul-baring performances compel the audience to mourn that chemistry right along with them." 


"Ellis gives Guinevere so much sparkle that the moments where she is drained of her liveliness sends powerful gut punches to those around her."

"Ellis's soprano, bold, precise, and especially lovely."

"While her Guinevere has her moments of shallowness and flighty behavior, Ellis’ queen has great depth, spirit and heart. Ellis is the only woman in the cast and she owns the stage whenever she is on it. Her magnetism entrances everyone."


Sarah Ellis plays Dyanne, and although she is not a star of the 1956 rock era, she is a star on the Engeman stage. Ms. Ellis is both a tremendous actor and a fantastic singer, who enhances this magical quartet of superstars, and also fills the stage with solo performances of Fever and I Hear You Knockin."

"Elvis’ girlfriend, Dyanne, is portrayed by Sarah Ellis whose stunning vocals happily impress more than once."


“Sibella, played by Sarah Ellis. She is haughty, funny, and sings a difficult part with ease.”

“Sarah Ellis has an elegant style and a beautiful, soaring voice as Sibella”

“Ellis’ Sibella is pouty, needy, self-centered, and sexually manipulative.”