Meet Sarah

Sarah Ellis is an NYC-based actor, concert artist, educator, and producer with a passion for community building across the visual and performing arts.

Her professional credits span across theatre, film, dance, and symphony/commercial work, from developing new works in NYC to playing her favorite leading ladies in award-winning theaters across the country. She is the Co-Founder/Producer of MT SHORTS [New Musicals Through A New Lens], a creative production company that elevates the voices of an emerging generation through the production of original musical short films. 


Raised in Platteville, WI, she got her start as the ‘Crawling Baby,’ with the University of Dayton Dance Department, sitting in a spotlight in her diaper. At 3, she performed her original rendition of the potty dance in her pink tutu-ed ‘I Am A Little Pink Cloud’ for a crowd of forty Midwestern parents. Raised by two band directors, Sarah quickly developed a passion for facilitating educational opportunities within the visual and performing arts and the understanding of a solid clarinet reed.

She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Penn State University where she received the French Undergraduate Award in Theatre. Sarah makes art in celebration of her father, Barry Len Ellis (Jan 1960-Oct 2018), whose spirit lives on in the music made by his students, colleagues, friends, and family. 

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