Hey There, I'm Sarah.

I'm an NYC-based multi-hyphenate

invested in making great art

with great people. 

I play make-believe with extraordinarily talented people in theatres and on sets around the country. See my resume for some juicy credentials.

I got my start at the ripe age of 4, performing original choreography unintentionally entitled “Sarah’s Potty Dance,” in a local dance recital for a crowd of 30 Cheeseheads (read: Wisconsinites).

Raised in Platteville, WI, I come from a family of band geeks-Mom & Dad were both band directors and little bro is an oboist. I quickly realized playing in the pit was not for me. I grabbed my BFA in Musical Theatre from The Pennsylvania State University, a recipient of the French Undergraduate Award in Theatre, and immediately moved to NYC. I'm proud to call The Big Apple my home.

I work with community builders and multi-hyphenates who make an impact through the arts. When I’m not performing, I’m making original movie musicals with a company I co-created MT Shorts. I also own my own copywriting business. (I promise I write better for other people than I do about myself.)

My dad passed away unexpectedly two years ago-it changed my life. I make art in celebration of him.

I hope, whoever you are reading this, that we get a chance to make something together, or, at the very least, talk about making something together. A life full of collaboration is indeed a happy one.

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