“Ellis anchors the show with undeniable charisma and comic talent. She showcases both on musical number "A Wonderful Guy," rolling around in the sand and punting handfuls into the air with the spirit of a woman who has indeed just realized she's in love with one.”

"Sarah Ellis is absolutely fantastic: dynamic, comical, sensitive, bursting with energy. She finds her match in the older, world-savvy de Becque, played with grace and presence by a handsome, silver-haired Christopher Carl.

Ellis’ vibrant, delightful voice commands the stage; Carl’s sounds full-bodied and mellifluous, buttery yet powerful. Their solos and duets, as well as their evolving relationship, anchor the musical."

"Sarah Ellis, as Laurey, provides one of the biggest "earthquake moments," by serving as "Dancing Laurey" too, in the seminal nightmare ballet, alongside the lighter-than-air Nicolas de la Vega as "Dancing Curly." Having her perform in the ballet herself lends emotional weight to both her character and the show."

"...although the casting especially for Curly and Laurey has brought out a sense of timeless immediacy to the story that I haven’t seen as much before.

I’ve seen this show several times before, and I’ve never seen a Curly and Laurey with better chemistry than Price and and Ellis in this production. Every time they are one stage together, it’s electric, and every scene they have together is believable, crackling with emotional energy and attraction, bringing real magic to moments like “The Surrey With the Fringe On Top” and “People Will Say We’re In Love”. Price is an affable, charming Curly and Ellis is a somewhat more deadpan sarcastic Laurey than I’ve seen before, and her more reflective moments are credible as well. In fact, the dream ballet, with Ellis dancing herself opposite a “Dream Curly” (Nicolas De La Vega) puts the focus on Laurey even more so than other dream ballets I’ve seen. It’s an especially memorable, expertly danced moment."

"Curly (Blake Price) and Laurey (Sarah Ellis), both making their Stages debut, are perfectly cast in this production, with incredibly capable singing voices in a sincere collaboration, particularly during "People Will Say We're In Love." Ellis sings in earnest and Price responds with dimpled cheeks and believable tension. Their interactions throughout are traditional and charming, but Ellis brings a bit of modernization to the role with her acting, which, while staying true to the character, portrays Laurey as anything but an isolated woman with too few choices."

"...in the 'Fever' number, sung with fabulous allure by Sarah Ellis, another fine talent who toured in 'A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.'”

"Sarah Ellis beautifully portrays Molly. She captures her likeable sweet persona and her voice soars effortlessly in her musical numbers. "Three Little Words," "With You," and "Nothing Stops Another Day," are her standout moments. Her acting is consistently spot on. Her passion for the character is evident as is her chemistry with Derek Carley."


"In roles made iconic by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, Carley and Ellis are more than their smoochy chemistry, too. Their affable presence and soul-baring performances on songs like 'With You' and 'Teach Me How' compel the audience to mourn that chemistry right along with them."                                                                 

'"I was very lucky to first meet Sarah Routh Ellis when she was a student of musical theatre. Watching her blossom into this incredible performer has been a joy. I'm so excited she will be bringing the music of Strouse and Adams to vivid life."'  --Producer Robert W. Schneider

 [Chatting about joining my cast onstage mid-show…]“‘When we were at the Kennedy Center, I was watching from the audience. I went backstage during intermission and was told I had to go on. I didn’t even have time to do any of my make-up.’”